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Boosting the Interregional Healthcare Value Chains: HealthChain participation at the High-Level Interregional Conference Croatia Slovenia

Zagreb, Croatia – [25th April 2024]

In an effort to enhance interregional healthcare value chains, HealthChain orchestrated a groundbreaking conference last 25th April 2024 in Zagreb uniting key stakeholders from Croatia and Slovenia. The event, carefully coordinated by HealthChain, served as a nexus for policymakers and implementers, fostering critical discussions and strategic collaborations aimed at driving transformative change across borders.

Our aim was to explore the relevance of the demand-driven co-creation methodology to foster innovation within the healthcare value chain but also, to understand the existing available funding for innovation and envision how to leverage it to ensure the sustainability of HealthChain’s approach across regions.

The conference brought together experts from Croatia and Slovenia, representing various fields including digital health SMEs, government bodies, and healthcare organizations. Together, we aimed to drive transformation in healthcare and foster cross-regional collaboration on innovative healthcare solutions.

During the first roundtable discussion, moderated by project coordinator Elena Lopez from Ticbiomed, panelists addressed the “Benefits of the Interregional Cocreation Approach through the Health Value Chain.” The session featured esteemed representatives such as Prof. Dr. Sc. Antonija Balenović from the Faculty of Health Sciences at Libertas International University, Mr. Stjepan Marković from the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds of the Republic of Croatia, Prof. Tit Albreht, MD, PhD from the National Institute of Public Health Slovenia, Vojko Fils, Director of the University Clinical Centre Maribor, and Mr. Damir Medved, Director of EDIH Adria. The focus was on exploring the value chain’s role as an economic development framework and identifying challenges and opportunities for enhancing healthcare efficiency through innovation.

In the second roundtable,moderated by the project coordinator Myriam Martin, discussion on “Potential Opportunities for Innovation Strategies and Instruments,” healthcare experts, policymakers, and SMEs shared their knowledge and experiences. Participants included Dijana Bezjak from the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds of the Republic of Croatia, Mr. Bojan Suvorov from the Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development of the Republic of Slovenia, Mr. Gregor Cuzak from Vesna VC deep tech venture fund, Mr. Frane Šesnić, CEO of ZICER, and Mr. Gašper Čehovin, CEO of Parsek. The discussion focused on the role of funding instruments in supporting regional innovation ecosystems, as well as the motivations and challenges faced by SMEs seeking funding for innovative purposes.

Key insights from the conference include:

  • The level of innovation varies across companies and organizations in Croatia and Slovenia, and funding is often fragmented, reflecting the maturity level of the entities involved.
  • Successful innovation requires a holistic approach, encompassing not just digital solutions but also the entire service ecosystem.
  • Collaboration and co-creation are essential for driving innovation but require a shift in mindset and organizational culture.
  • Public organizations play a significant role in healthcare co-creation but often face challenges in accessing funding for innovation.
  • To maximize impact, innovation efforts must include considerations for adoption, scalability, certification, data management, and regulatory compliance.
  • Both countries are performing significant efforts to uptap new investments aligned with their Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3), where healthcare is a strategic priority.

In conclusion, the conference provided a valuable platform for fostering collaboration, sharing knowledge, and plan on ways to advance healthcare innovation between the two neighbouring countries.

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